My name is ABDELMOGHIT, for short “MOGHIT”.
I was born in the old town of this mythical African and Mediterranean city: Tangier

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Old Town Of Tangier

Price 100€ 1 Day
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Old Town Of Tangier

100€ per person

The tour is intended to provide an in-depth insight into the history of the old town, starting from the Kasbah (citadel) which is Tangier’s heart and soul. A medieval fortress dominating the Medina and the bay of Tangier.

This is a district of palaces, accommodating some truly beautiful residences, such as “Dar el Makhzen” or Sultan’s Palace which currently houses the Museum of Mediterranean Cultures. During our exploration of the area, we will follow on the footsteps of the prominent French painter Henri Matisse who was particularly inspired by the Kasbah, the indigenous population and the LIGHT of Tangier! The Kasbah’s main square, is surrounded by former government buildings of Hispano-Moorish style dating from the XVII century when the city was reconstructed by the Sultan Moulay Ismail. Occasionally, snake charmers and musicians of Gnaoua groups perform on the square.

The Medina (old town) is an urban space located just below the Kasbah, and protected by a surrounding wall. By walking through its endless network of alleys and narrow streets you will truly get the flavor of Morocco, and get to understand some of the local customs and traditions. The tour highlights the huge architectural and artistic heritage of the Medina.

Since the cuisine is an important aspect of the culture, food lovers will have the opportunity to experience the very authentic Moroccan food, as well as the typical vegetable and spice market!

Tangier has other major attractions such as the Petit Socco square surrounded by cafes and hotels that served as second homes to celebrities – Paul Bowles, Jean Genet, Paul Morand Pasolini, and Camille Saint-Saens. Then, the Grand Socco which is undoubtedly the busiest part of the city, bordered by the Mendoubia Park dominated by a giant banyan tree and the former residence of the Sultan’s representative during the international period.
As the first embassy of the USA, The American Legation in the Medina has been designated as “National Historic Landmark” for its significance in the history of the relationship between the kingdom of Morocco and the USA.

As a city of multiculturalism and religious tolerance, Tangier has a significant Christian and Jewish heritage, therefore we may include in our itinerary the Jewish quarter (Mellah), Moise Nahon synagogue, and Saint Andrew church.

After seeing all the sights scheduled on the tour, one of the best things to do in Tangier is go exploring or shopping in the many bazars and colorfull souks (market place) which are a major attraction and feature of the traditional lifestyle. Besides the permanent souk located at the heart of the old city, there are some weekly berber markets held inside and in the surrounding area of the city. Berber women wearing traditional outfits come in different days from their villages on the purpose of selling a varity of fresh and organic stuff. In one word, a UNIQUE experience! In fact, exploring the souks is a great way to connect with the local people and to experience first hand the tradition of Moroccan buying and haggling the price!

1 Day
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    100€ / Person
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    Price and services included in the tour based on two participants, Price per person : 110 euros, NOTE: The cost of the tour without the ferry ticket is 40 euros per person