My name is ABDELMOGHIT, for short “MOGHIT”.
I was born in the old town of this mythical African and Mediterranean city: Tangier

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Day Excursion to Chefchaouen

Price 140€ 1 Day
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Day Excursion to Chefchaouen

140€ per person

The literal meaning of Chefchaouen is “look at the horns”, because of the shape of the mountains that surround the city! Chefchaouen is one of the most charming and relaxed places in Morocco. It is famous for its blue-washed medina, with narrow winding streets and artisanal workshops. It was the Jews who first painted the town blue, a colour thought to protect against the evil eye and also mosquitos!

It is a vibrant arts and crafts center, well known for a number of products that are made locally, especially woven blankets and woolen garments, as well as exceptional goat cheese!

Chefchaouen was founded in 1471, as a fortress town to fight off the the invading Portuguese who were enterinng Morocco from the north. It served as the main refuge for Moriscos and Jews escaping from the Spanish Inquisition.
In 1920, the city was taken over by the Spanish, and became part of the Spanish Morocco.

The exploration walk through the medina provides an insight into the historic and cultural background of the city and the Rif region.

1 Day
  • Destination
  • Price
    140€ / Person
  • Included
    Personal Guide
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    All Museum Tickets
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  • Additional Information
    Price and services included in the tour based on two participants, Price per person : 110 euros, NOTE: The cost of the tour without the ferry ticket is 40 euros per person